Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Images And Words 178 ~ At The Gates


  1. LOL - but they seem to be everywhere. I can see a lot of tales to tell behind that gate.

  2. the gate looks rather NEW...perhaps they should have used the funds to patch the roof....LOL.

    Wouldn't ya like to get inside the heads of these people? LMAO

    This was great,,,love it!

  3. LOL such a funny quote but I have to say that your photo is truly beautiful to me Jacob....wonderful.

  4. My "Gate"entry doesn't have a fence either.
    I Love OLD abandoned houses.
    That is strange to have such a nice Gate and that is a nice basketball goal, to be
    at such an old abandoned house. Hummm?? ...Very Strange~!!
    Ohhhh Well, maybe it makes as much sense as Not having a fence?? Giggle