Monday, October 29, 2012

Creative Challenge #226... junkyard

He looked all around…
What did he see?
His life looked like a junkyard…
Everywhere he looked.
Things fall apart…
Least they did for him.
His life looked like a junkyard…
He tried not to look.
So he looked for the good…
And there was a lot of good to see.
That is where he built his life…
And he waited for the new fruit.


  1. I want some of the new fruit too!
    Great the double orb and the sunlight brightly shining

  2. ~smile~ ... wonderful write and I rather like that photo ... the sun kind of offers the hope ...

  3. I like the contrast between the first lines and the last ones... Excellent change of attitude... beautiful photo!

  4. Your words reminds me that I once attended a conference, the speaker said something like this "change your perception, the attention shifts; this is how to change your life".

  5. Those junkyards always seem to have a few suspicious cars laying around. Interesting photo and loved the poem. Junkyards can only get better and you have put it in a very good way.

  6. I LOVE the words that paint a picture of a hard won perspective.