Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creative Challenge 257... fun

Getting out the door
Finding something fun to do
Healing for the soul


  1. We always feel better after having fun...
    I like this entry...

  2. Fun is the best medicine, if it is appreciated.

  3. Simply put, but full of depth. Good one, Jacob!!

  4. True!!
    and as Belita stated...fun is subjective....and Pat stated, what is fun for one is not necessarily fun to all.( my page)

    Perhaps fun is far more simple than we make of it...and like most everything else...attitude plays a big role!

    Watching birds at a feeder is fun for me...while it also is relaxing, educational, and even inspiring. A tiny word...yet hard to define

  5. getting out the door or even watching a comedy on TV, laughter always does the soul good

  6. Sorry I did not get back before had a crazy busy week;) A grea take on the theme love it;)