Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creative Challenge 255... seek

He sought to seek a way to find,
A sense of peace within his mind.
It was just a request away.


  1. seeking peace of mind
    is hard to do sometimes

    but we live in the moment without thoughts of past and future we can have peace every moment...easier said than done sometimes

  2. Peace is a gift indeed from the greatest Seeker of all. May the gift be yours today!

  3. The mind is still a mysterious study.
    lifestyle changes, the removal of negative people and things, and even the help of professionals are not the answers to all things.
    There is but ONE who can heal the mind....but perhaps NOT in HIS plans....even when sincerely requested!

    much to ponder here

  4. Nicely written, Jacob. I find a sense of peace of mind purely by walking amongst nature.

  5. Good verse - Hope he was successful in his seeking

  6. We all need a sense of peace of mind, yet not always can we find it...
    Love this entry!