Monday, August 13, 2012

Images & Words Week 171 - The Meaning of Your Name


  1. Hahaha laughing at I am on your dashboard with your plastic JC :P that's too cute!

  2. here's a tip ( and yes the members of I&W will have a fit about it....but hey...this ain't Xply!! )

    Select (lg) when placing inside blog area so it does not run outside of your side rail(s)folks will simply have to CLICK to see full size G A S P !!!!

    cool photo and name meaning !!

    I also dropped my link to my post in here,,,if ya don't mind, I would apprecaite you coming here rather than "the Ghost Town" It's soooooooo depressing in there!!

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  3. Well nice to see that you have grasped Blgger well Jacob. It is great to have you here.
    I like you I&W post speaks loud and clear for your name.

  4. Hello from (Lynda) from the Rockin' Heart. I do the photos things too.