Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creative Challenge #218... hot

He didn’t like hot and he didn’t like cold.
He liked it in the middle, truth be told.
But too much of the one and he longed for the other.
So with changes in seasons he got his druthers.


  1. oh I absolutely love this! I somehow got a mental picture of you half surfing and half skiing :p

  2. don't move to Florida! LOL

    cool poem...I think most of the world's populace will agree with those words!


  3. Love this. And I think the Carolina's would be out too. Hot summer....cold winter. Lots of humidity.

  4. That is so true - you complain when it is too cold, the heatwave arrives and then we complain again.

  5. I agree that the most comfortable temperature is in between cold and hot...but where i live, we only have two seasons, the dry (summer) and the wet (rainy)...but i love the weather here..

    nice write!