Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creative Challenge # 251... searching

A Thorn in the Flesh

Searching for the muse.
Wanting to abuse.
Pain so evident.
Who can circumvent.
Screeching, crying, calling out.
Filled with anguish, filled with doubt.
Who can help me now?
As by this thorn I’m bowed.


  1. Hi Jacob. Good to see you back online, it's been a while!!

    Quite a dark, tormented picture the words paint.

  2. well described emotions, we all have our thorns...I recently came across a rose bush that had no scent, my daughter said they are for places where people don't want to attract the bees...what the heck is this world coming to??? seriously...sheesh :P

  3. Hope some light will clear away the darkness surrounding you...

  4. Looks like you suffered with your search and I hope you found what you was looking for.