Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creative Challenge #223... burden


What do you do when it all comes unglued?
Do you put it together with duct tape and bailing wire?
Do you sit in the corner and mope?
Do you fix what was wrong and move on?
Do you worry and fret over it all?
Do you bear up under the burden and be strong?
Do you start a new life on your own?
Do you try it again?


  1. Many open questions. The choices we have, but give food for thought. And we still have to decide. Like it very much.

    My Burden attempt

  2. I think I do few of those things depending on the day...

  3. Much to ponder here, Jeff......and I think we have all been there asking the same or similar questions. And even if we think we have the answers we often wonder if we made the right decision....this is a wonderful write....
    My link is on the CC page( I hope!!! LOL )

  4. I'm with Danette....all of the above.

  5. Who hasn't ever asked oneself all of those qustions or just a few of them?
    Bery interesting entry....

  6. Like others, I've found myself in more than one of these situations, but I like to think, in the end....I shoulder that burden an carry one.

  7. I would say I do all of the above, it all depends on what came unglued. I will be unhinged if it was someone I loved.

  8. A cool thought provoking post Jacob;)

  9. You keep on keeping on, good write